Mamady “Tambou” Mansaré III, 4th generation Master Flute player from Guinea, West Africa is known across Africa and around the world for his extraordinarily beautiful musicianship and artistry. In addition to being a world class dancer, singer, and acrobat for Les Ballets Africains, the most renowned and prestigious performance company in all of Africa, he holds the noble position of principal flute player in this revered company. In fact, he, his father (from 1964-2004), and his grandfather (from 1958-1964) are the only people who have ever had the honor of holding this position in this acclaimed company. In Guinea, the Mansaré family is known and regarded as a valuable national treasure.

Since he was born, Mr. Mansaré has embraced his familial role and exceptional talent as historian, story teller, musician and dancer, serving his country first in several private dance and drum companies, next with the Theatre National de Guinea (1999-2000), then with the National Ballet Djoliba (2001-2004) and now with the largest and most acclaimed company in Africa, Les Ballets Africains (2004-present). Mamady regularly works with many of Africa’s finest individual master artists such as Mamady Keita and Famadou Konate. He is a member of the management team of Les Ballets Africans, serving as the ‘Registeur Adjoint’.

Mamady is a sought-after recording artist in West Africa; his music can be heard on many labels and with many internationally known artists on recordings such as Momo Wandel Soumah’s Matchowe, Afro Swing and Momo Le Doyen; Mamady Keita’s Mögöbalu, Mamady Lèè and Mandeng Djara; Les Ballets Africains’ La Mémoire du Manding, Héritage, and Silo (and others); Les Espoirs de Coronthie’s Tinkhinyi (and others); Moussa “Tanga” Camara’s Sabou youma vol.1; Kelontan Cissohko’s Koraba. His music is also featured in the films of French director Laurent Chevalier Djembefola, Mogobalu, Momo Le Doyen et l’Expérience Africaine.

Born in 1976 in Kissidougou, in the Forest Region of Guinea, Mamady is a member of the Malinke ethnic group. Mr. Mansaré is a direct descendant of Sundiata Keita, the founder of the Mandingo Empire of the thirteenth century, and since his birth he has been rooted in the stories and traditions of his culture, as has been his paternal ancestors’ practice going back hundreds of years. Now his government and the people of Guinea count on him to chronicle and keep the details of these stories alive for the world. He takes pride in his role as a cultural ambassador. He is not only a beautiful performer and recording artist, but also a gifted teacher. For years Mr. Mansaré has been organizing and leading classes and cultural intensives in both the capital city Conakry, and his native village deep in the interior of Guinea. He works with students from all over the world: Mexico, United States, France, Japan, and the Netherlands, to name a few. Students and audience members from across the globe regard him as an exceptional teacher, charismatic performer, and as an invaluable resource of traditional information.

Lastly, Mamady’s ancestral heritage, combined with his time steeped in the untouched traditions of central and eastern Guinea, plus his many years participating in the top performance companies of his country, have created the opportunity for him to become a fine costume and instrument designer. Directors of dance and drum performance companies all over the world now come to him to build instruments for them, and design specific traditional costumes for their production. 

Instructor (dance, flute, music, culture, Mande-Empire language)

Interpretation Tailoring History (Mande- Empire) Performer Vocal training Song