Our Mission

Being true to these values, we provide opportunities for people to come together to learn, grow and celebrate being alive. Inspired by the human spirit, it is our honor and joy to do God’s work … we stand for the transformation of life itself, creating a world that works for everyone.

Performances and Special Events

Whatever event you are planning, the African Cultural Arts Institute is a great choice for uplifting entertainment. 

Consider us for your upcoming fundraisers, parties, weddings and festivals. We are quite versatile. We can offer your event everything from a single musician playing slow soft sweet melodic music, all the way to a full company of 15+ West African Dancers and Drummers exploding into vivid colorful movement and music!

Educators and Learning Institutions

African Cultural Arts Institute is committed to sharing the rich and incredible culture of Guinea, West Africa with students of all ages. Whether you are a preschool or a graduate university, we offer age-appropriate programming that will engage your students and expands their cultural awareness in a fun and enlivening way.

We offer a variety of customizable formats for sharing the music, dance and culture of this incredible African nation.


Our high energy assemblies offer a mix of cultural education, performance, and audience participation. We captivate students with traditional African drumming, dancing, singing and costumes, peaking their interest in this far away land. Your students will leave the assembly knowing something about the history, geography, languages, costumes, instruments and people of West Africa. 

Depending on your needs, we can offer a stand alone assembly or multiple “sessions” for bigger schools. 


If you are looking for a one time special opportunity for your students to participate with and learn about the amazing Guinean culture and art, the workshop format is for you. We offer fun and engaging workshops in traditional African dancing, drumming, singing, mask making, language learning, cooking, instrument making and/or costume making. Our workshops give your students the chance to be creative, work in groups, and gain cultural understanding and global awareness.

We are happy to work with you to customize your workshop experience to best fit your needs. 

mamadydrumdance has been running West African drumming, dancing in schools for over a dedicate. Our workshops introduce students to music, dance and Culture of Africa.

There are also numerous benefits of African drumming workshops for team building, stress relief communication, creativity, relaxation, education cooperation and FUN.

Mamady Mansare founder of African Cultural Art Institute ( Non-profit) organization in Guinea,

Drumming Workshops for Primary Schools
Our drumming workshops for primary schools provide a fun and easy access to rhythm for young learners. All our workshops include fun rhythm games, rhythms and African songs. All instruments are provided and we can provide workshops for several classes in a day.

Drumming Workshops for Secondary Schools
Our workshops for secondary schools engage the students with the culture of West Africa. Our facilitators have in-depth knowledge of African tradition as well as music. In this workshop we bring students into the traditional life of the African village where every aspect of life is connected to rhythm.

Interactive African Drumming and Dance Workshop/Perform.
This event is suitable for groups. Includes demonstrations of drumming and dance followed by inclusive singing, body percussion and dance. Workshop lasts 1 hour 15 minutes. Or 45 min x 2 for groups. Please contact us for a quote.


Residencies are an awesome intensive way for your students to really delve into and learn a deeper level of the culture, dance and drum of this very special place called Guinea. Our residency program can include in-depth study of traditional African dancing, drumming, singing, mask making, language learning, cooking, instrument making and/or costume making. Many residencies culminate in the participants showcasing what they have learned in a sort of grand finale African music, dance, and/or art show. 

We can provide day-long, week-long, month-long and even semester-long intensives. We will work with you to support the unique structure and content of your curriculum.

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